naturally organic weedkiller


Pest control

W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!)

Naturally Organic Weed & Grass killer. The Professional’s choice Non-Selective Liquid concentrate

Mosquito & Pest Control "INTERRUPTER"

Naturally Organic Mosquito & Pest control “INTERRUPTER”.  This is AMAZING!

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Mosquito & Pest Control "

W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!)

Non-Selective Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate 

Mosquito & Pest Control "

Mosquito & Pest Control

Naturally Organic  Pest control That kills As EFFECTIVELY as a Toxin

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

It’s by far the best product I’ve seen in the last five to ten years. We’ve been using it at Vizcaya.

Cultural landmark attraction, Miami FL.

Tom Stone

I’ve found W.O.W. to be just as effective. It means pure death to the weeds; it kills to the roots.

Golf Course Superintendent.
Indian Pond Country Club.

john dunlap
I have spent the better part of my life running hotels and public attractions. In every capacity I have been challenged with creating beautiful natural environments for our guests to enjoy while ensuring that the chemicals were safe for our animals and guests. I was excited to learn about EcoMIGHT and have found the products not only incredibly powerful but also eco friendly.
former director, san diego zoo
former director, san diego zoo
industry professional 30+ years
Bradley Jacklin

It absolutely smoked everything I sprayed it on! It was amazing!


industry professional 37+ years
Tom Phillips

The results are amazing. Re-entry period is 0 minutes. I can’t say enough about the product. Very surprised. Was expecting poor results and got excellent results.


Degree in Turfgrass Management
10+ years experience as "turf manager"
10+ years experience as golf course superintendent

National Award Winner
Maggie Knowles

I co-founded Portland Protectors to educate on the harmful effects toxic pesticides and fertilizers have on kids, pets, water, soil and pollinators. As awareness and concern grew, the community was able to convince the city council to pass one of the strongest organic landcare ordinances in the country. Of course, people still want lush gardens and pest-free yards. That is why I am so grateful to EcoMIGHT for creating extremely effective natural products that do no harm to our precious ecosystem."


David Shoaf

As a family owned business for nearly 100 years, reputation is everything. We will never sell anything we don’t stand behind. After extensive testing, we are now recommending it to our customers. EcoMIGHT is a cost-effective solution that brings my customers just as much value as glyphosate. It’s a no-brainer!

Joe Blair Garden Supply.

william booth
People are moving away from chemical pesticides because of the negative impact they have on the environment. I started in the lawn care industry as an applicator in 1995 and EcoMIGHT is the first natural product I have used that actually blew me away! IT SIMPLY WORKS BETTER THAN ANYTHING ON THE MARKET!
professional applicator
better than anything
Robert Birkenhead

Areas stay clear for longer periods of time. It’s much more effective than Roundup.

Town of Plymouth, MA

Department of Public Works, Foreman

Steve Mendez.

“One of my clients had a very difficult weed to remove called nutsedge. In fact, you needed a special herbicide to kill it. I used EcoMIGHT on this weed, and it completely wiped it out. The other amazing thing is that it hasn’t come back in more than two months.”

US Lawns

St Simons Island, GA

Tim Campbell

“EcoMIGHT solves one of the problems for maintaining sports fields organically. Even though it’s a non-selective herbicide, by using EcoMIGHT in a weed wand, we can selectively kill grassy weeds in the turf. It seems to work better than glyphosate in this application because it appears to translocate thru the plant better than glyphosate.”

Golf Course Superintendent

Town of Palm Beach

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*when used as directed

*when used as directed

*when used as directed