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The Florida School Plant Management Association (FSPMA) conducted months of independent testing (lab and field tests) and determined EcoMIGHT is certified and approved.

FSPMA: Chemical Program 

“FSPMA has a Chemical Evaluation Committee that is made up of school district, community college, and industry representatives. This committee has developed specifications for products used in schools and colleges and has a procedure for evaluating these products for conformity to the specifications.

FSPMA utilizes the Materials Testing Lab of Miami Dade Public Schools. Once it is determined that the products meet the specifications, the product is placed on the FSPMA certified products list. The committee has several specifications for environmentally friendly products and is working on environmentally friendly specifications for all categories.”


Kills to the roots. EcoMIGHT is translocated and absorbed by root system of the plant, resulting in a complete kill. 

Based on years of experience with a wide variety of weed-killing products, many industry experts are choosing to recommend EcoMIGHT today. The product offers the unique combination of an effective, non-toxic herbicide at an affordable price–a combination that many have searched for and few have found. 

Co-owner of Joe Blair Garden Supply, a family-owned business whose main clientele are municipalities, schools, and professional landscapers tested the EcoMIGHT products and was surprised and excited with the results.  “Customers want to know what products are available to replace glyphosate herbicides, whether they will work, and if they are cost-effective. We try to be conscientious about what we do and sell. We do have a moral obligation to protect the health and environment of our community. At the same time, we can’t expect people to buy a product that’s three or four times more expensive. EcoMIGHT gives our customers as much value as glyphosate-based herbicides. It works.”

Bradley Jacklin, a former golf course superintendent, and turf-grass expert for more than 30 years working with some of the top golf courses in the world. As with the others in the industry, he has struggled with this age-old problem as well. “Superintendents need to find that sweet spot between cost and efficacy while staying within regulations,” Jacklin said. “You can’t have a solution that’s dirt cheap and doesn’t work or one that is extremely expensive and does. The EcoMIGHT product is a timely replacement at an affordable price point.

EcoMIGHTis a non-selective and post-emergent herbicide that is non-toxic. There is no re-entry period; this means it’s safe to go to the area that was sprayed immediately after application. When used as directed, EcoMIGHT can be used around people, kids, pets, and aquatic life. 

EcoMIGHT is systemic. This means it kills to the root. Unlike contact herbicides that kill only the part of the weeds, grass, or plants that are contacted with chemicals, systemic herbicides are absorbed by the roots and translocated through the weeds.

The media continues to reveal a growing list of dangers associated with glyphosate-based professional herbicides. So it’s hardly surprising consumers now favor natural weed killers that are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Re-entry or restricted-entry interval (REI) is the time immediately after an application when entry into the treated area is prohibited. The good news is EcoMIGHT products are naturally organic and boast a REI of “ZERO MINUTES.”  EcoMIGHT products are formulated with natural ingredients and have a designation by the EPA  as Minimum Risk Exempt-FIFRA 25(b). This means, when used as directed, they are safe for kids, pets, aquatic life, and pollinators. The “warning” signs to “Stay Off The Lawn”  can now be changed to “thank you” or “Stay ON The Lawn” signs. 

Besides being the best weed killer available, EcoMIGHT offers several other advantages.

This natural herbicide doesn’t stain pavements, gravel, brick, concrete, or stone. That means EcoMIGHTeffectually destroys weeds without affecting the beauty of your hardscapes.

Although EcoMIGHT’s slightly more expensive than conventional products, several customers have found it more effective than traditional weedkillers. 

It requires fewer re-applications, even when compared to best-selling ‘traditional’ products on the market.  This means less product will be used and a reduction in labor costs and time. In addition, there is no need for a sticker or adjuvant. 

Landscapers make a living from beautifying residential and commercial properties, so it almost goes without saying that EcoMIGHT allows landscapers to accomplish this mission successfully. One long-standing challenge has been finding a product that is not only safe but actually kills weeds effectively.

Joey Harrison, director of business development and marketing at DeSantis Landscapes, Salem Oregon reiterates a common theme in the industry about organic products “Many of our old-school applicators were skeptical. They just didn’t think it would work. However, we were all blown away with how well EcoMIGHT from EcoMIGHT performed. In fact, when the temperatures were high, EcoMIGHT performed better than glyphosate. With all the news coverage about glyphosate, people in Portland are particularly concerned,” Harrison said. “A lot of clients ask about it over the years. We’re excited to be able to have an alternative that is safer for our applicators, customers, and visitors.”

Owner of DeSantis Landscapes, Dean DeSantis said “We were super excited to find EcoMIGHT. We’ve never seen this level of efficacy in an organic product.”

EcoMIGHT does its job without burning a hole in your wallet, polluting the environment with toxic chemicals, or putting their employees or communities in harm’s way. 

Steve Mendez, owner of a US Lawns Franchise in St Simons Island, Georgia, had a similar experience with EcoMIGHT’s performance, “It’s the best product I’ve found when it comes to a safe, sustainable product. I’m done with the others; this is the product I’m sticking with now.”

Howard Steinberg, president of  Organic Solutions in Stuart, FL, has been leading the industry with sustainable practices for years and was also looking for an effective, non-toxic solution for weed and vegetation control.  “As a sustainable landscape company in the heart of Florida’s water quality crisis, we have always gone outside the box to find the most effective yet eco friendly products for our customers. We had been searching for years to find an effective alternative to glyphosate for our maintenance division. After much disappointment in only discovering vinegar and citric acid based alternatives that ultimately cripple soil fertility, we discovered EcoMIGHT. For the last 4 months, EcoMIGHT is the ONLY post emergent herbicide we used. The results have been quick and effective. Our customers are thrilled to have such a safe product produce incredible results.”

We believe that selecting EcoMIGHT gives landscapers a competitive advantage. Period. After all, more and more property owners are seeking safe yet effective glyphosate-based product alternatives.

Golf superintendents care for acres worth of pristine grounds as well as their surrounding landscapes. They have the highest of expectations when it comes to conditions, maintenance, and sustainability. These superintendents are regarded as industry experts in all things agricultural, lawncare and turfgrass. They are on the forefront of changes in the industry and require products to meet exceptional standards before implementing them.  Weed and vegetation management is near the top of the list for these professionals. Finding a systemic, non-toxic herbicide has been a challenge for them.  Most are surprised that a natural product like EcoMIGHT can actually kill to the roots. 

Now that leading golf superintendents are embracing EcoMIGHT, there is a sense of relief that the search for an alternative to glyphosate is finally over.  

Shannon Easter, director of golf maintenance and sustainability at the Broken Sound Club has been testing EcoMIGHT extensively.  In addition to maintaining two of the countries top golf courses, he is a sustainability consultant around the world and recipient of countless awards, including the Environmental Leaders in Golf Award for the last three consecutive years. 

“We want to keep the momentum going at Broken Sound,” Easter said. “Our next  frontier was reducing the amount of chemical herbicides required to keep our turf in good condition. We discovered a new non-selective herbicide called EcoMIGHT that is naturally organic and safe to  use around people, animals, and aquatic life.”

“We use EcoMIGHT everywhere we used to use Roundup,” Easter said. “What we noticed was that EcoMIGHT had a great residual effect. In the past, someone was spraying Roundup every day somewhere on our property. After three or four weeks, another treatment would be required. EcoMIGHT keeps weeds at bay for nearly twice that long, which means less product used overall as well as reduced labor costs for Broken Sound.”

The key component for superintendents is not only maintaining properties in impeccable shape but ensuring their club members and families aren’t exposed to toxic herbicides.

Tom Stone, superintendent of Indian Pond Country Club, explained his experience. “I tested EcoMIGHT against glyphosate on a sample piece of land at our club. EcoMIGHT has a much quicker burndown rate than glyphosate.  You see results almost immediately; within days. With glyphosate, it takes five to seven days. I’ve found EcoMIGHT to be just as effective. It means pure death to the weeds; it kills to the roots.”

Also, by using this natural organic product, they can lead the way when it comes to adopting eco-friendly-practices.  The bottom line is that EcoMIGHT works as well (or better) than the majority of products golf superintendents are accustomed to — and more often than not, exceeding ‘superintendents’ very high expectations. 

Tim Hood, golf superintendent at the Needham Golf Club, said he “noticed a systemic impact on woody plants” and “was very impressed with the results that I achieved in the areas where I used the product.”

It’s no coincidence that many of the highest-rated golf courses and resorts in the country now use EcoMIGHT products.

Groundskeepers take care of vast green spaces for property owners, businesses, and other commercial establishments. By selecting a naturally organic herbicide like EcoMIGHT, groundskeepers can control unwanted weeds and grasses effectively. At the same time, they can also keep property owners, their customers, and their surrounding community protected from dangerous, toxic herbicides.  

Over 55 communities around the world are now using EcoMIGHT Additionally, several colleges, equestrian facilities, world-famous cultural landmarks, and famous theme parks rely on EcoMIGHT!

Increasing pressure from students and faculty at campuses throughout the country have been campaigning to stop the use of toxic chemicals and searching for a safe and effective weedkiller. 

Florida International University is one of the many campuses to test and then implement the use of EcoMIGHT.

Anthony Arriola, facility and grounds manager for Aramark at Florida International University, said “I can’t stress enough how surprised I am at how well EcoMight works!  The torpedo grass that we tested on is still dead since we sprayed it back in November.  I think that I can safely speak for the folks at Florida International University and say that we believe that you may have THE best alternative to glyphosate based herbicides.  EcoMIGHT is a resounding success!”

Smith College in Northampton, MA had a similar experience with pressure to find effective and safe products.  After testing EcoMIGHT in 2019, John Berryhill, landscape curator at the Botanic Garden of Smith College shared his experience with other college campus landscape and grounds managers. “In response to student and public pressure to reduce chemical use on campus, the Botanic Garden of Smith College has been seeking weed and pest control options with less toxicity to non-target organisms.  The overwhelming majority of our chemical applications on campus have been glyphosate for weed control.  I wish (as I’m sure you do) that we could handle all the weeding by hand, but I believe that broad spectrum herbicides will always play a critical role in our landscape management.  

We experimented with concentrated vinegar this spring with disappointing results (smell, cost, efficacy) and then our director came across a natural product called  EcoMIGHT (website) that I obtained a free sample of and used with high hopes and low expectations.  I was shocked to see it worked very well (the second image was that test – treated on left, untreated on right.  The first image is a spot that had a lot of nutsedge and other weeds, a little over 1 week after treatment.)  We did mix it slightly stronger than recommended and still found it very cost-effective.  We will try a slightly weaker mix next time. It is classified as a 25B, meaning that all ingredients are from the list that is exempt from EPA regulation – no applications flags needed, no record keeping needed.”

Just wanted to share this with you and highly recommend the product.  I would love to start a conversation with 5 college landscape managers about healthier and more environmentally friendly practices and I would welcome any suggestions from you all.”

Utility companies are an important partner in our communities. Not only do they keep our gas, electric, and cable services coming into our homes uninterrupted, but they have the responsibility of keeping a great deal of public land cleared around power and utility lines. 

Besides trimming trees along lines, utility companies must manage weeds along these lines as well. 

As environmental and health concerns continue to rise surrounding toxic herbicides,  smart utility companies will begin exploring safer alternatives. EcoMIGHT provides the needed weed and vegetation control safely and effectively.

Railway companies around the world must control unwanted weed growth along thousands of miles of railroad tracks each year. Recently, Deutsche Bahn, the German state-owned railway company, banned the use of glyphosate along its 20,500 miles of tracks. 

As other railway companies look to Germany’s example, EcoMIGHT is an obvious solution. Its powerful combination of non-toxic, natural ingredients can help railway companies keep their tracks clear of weeds while not exposing the environment and the community to dangerous, more toxic weed-controlling solutions.

Homeowners associations (HOAs) around the United States pride themselves on serving the residents that live in their neighborhoods. Often HOA efforts revolve around the safety and comfort of homeowners as well as helping to maintain or increase property values in the community. Beautiful community landscaping and aesthetics often play a large role in achieving those goals.

Glyphosate-based herbicides may put the goals of community safety and attractive landscaping at odds with each other. A better choice is to use EcoMIGHT. This non-selective, effective herbicide takes care of weeds with no adverse effects on a neighborhood’s environment or residents.

EcoMIGHT has a potential shelf life of up to ten years. However, it must be sealed, stored in a well-ventilated area, and kept above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the herbicide has been mixed, the shelf life decreases to between two to three years. 

EcoMIGHT products are sold as a liquid concentrate, which you mix with water when you’re ready to use it.  At six ounces per gallon, a single gallon of EcoMIGHT concentrate would make about 21 gallons of herbicide, which equates to an effective price as low as $2.21 per gallon.

As America’s first hometown, Plymouth, MA, prepares to celebrate its 400th anniversary this year, it is fitting that they are one of the first municipalities to embrace EcoMIGHT’s non-toxic weedkiller.   As municipalities around the country are continuing to ban the use of herbicides containing glyphosate and toxic chemicals, city officials are scrambling to find a safe replacement. Other municipalities are working to get ahead of the curve by changing their weed-killing strategies voluntarily.

Robert Birkenhead Jr., highway foreman for the Town of Plymouth, MA started using EcoMIGHT products in 2019.  “We certainly want to minimize our overall impact on the environment,” Birkenhead Jr. said.  “Much of our water eventually drains into our oceans, and we want to be aware of that. In addition, we listened to many of our city workers who were concerned about their exposure to Roundup in their daily work. We wanted an alternative that was safe for our employees and friendly to the whole community.”

Today, the Town of Plymouth has made the switch and sprays about 300 gallons of the diluted form of EcoMIGHT, a safe, non-toxic, and natural herbicide, on sideways, easements, and traffic islands.

Cities including Sebastian, Fla., and Vero Beach, Fla., that already have glyphosate bans in place have lifted those bans to allow further testing of EcoMIGHT. Both municipalities have reported positive results. 

In an article published by the TC Palm, Sebastian City Manager Paul Carlisle said, “in a recent test EcoMIGHT far surpassed RoundUp in its control of weeds.”

The city has been impressed with EcoMIGHT’s naturally organic weedkiller.  Mayor of Sebastian, Ed Dodd re-iterated the point after testing EcoMIGHT Mayor Dodd said “He has done a test in a non-aquatic environment, and the product has worked very well.  The City Council on Wednesday unanimously agreed to lift the moratorium but established parameters that limit the number of locations where the tests can take place; requires third-party oversight of the testing by volunteer environmentalists; and provides notice to the public that testing is taking place.”

Last year, Indian River County, FL stopped using glyphosate at 40 county parks. The City of Vero Beach has been using EcoMIGHT in a variety of areas including the city cemetery and the parks. 

According to City Manager Monte Falls, “The results have been positive. EcoMIGHT seems to be keeping the weeds away, even after six weeks.”

As municipalities around the country learn about EcoMIGHT, it’s no wonder they continue to make the switch.

Children trust parents, teachers, and other adults in their lives to keep them safe and healthy. They have no choice on where they attend school and spend the majority of their growing-up years; those decisions are made by their caretakers. Schools have the responsibility of not only educating children but ensuring their physical environment is a safe one.

More and more school districts throughout the United States have made the switch to EcoMIGHT products. 

With all the health concerns arising around the use of glyphosate-based herbicides, it’s important for schools to consider safer alternatives for weed-controlling products used around schools and playgrounds. When used as directed, EcoMIGHT is safe for children, animals, aquatic life, wildlife, and pollinators.

After months of independent lab and field testing, EcoMIGHT is certified and approved by the Florida School Plant Management Association (FSPMA).

Perhaps one of the best indicators of whether a natural product is truly sustainable is the opinion of those experts who have devoted their lives to a healthier, sustainable world.

Maggie Knowles is co-founder of Portland Protectors and an avid beekeeper. She also completed the Harvard University Sustainability Leadership Program and has worked tirelessly to change environmental-related legislation in Oregon. She explains that “EcoMIGHT has taken ingredients found in nature and created a weedkiller that is as effective as the most highly toxic ones on the market. Everyone is blown away at how effective it is. I’m very grateful they exist.”

Like Knowles, Sean McCarthy has been part of the sustainable, non-toxic movement for 20 years. He co-runs holistic healing camps in Virginia, is the founder of the TEDS Foundation, and, besides fuel and oil for machinery, he allows no harmful chemicals on his healing farm.

Once you figure out the right ratio of [EcoMIGHT] product for the type of weeds you’re trying to kill, it works on everything,” McCarthy said. “I’ve used it on unwanted grass, weeds, thorn bushes, brush, and young poplar and pine trees.”

McCarthy’s organization, TEDS Foundation, now offers holistic healing camps, health and wellness retreats, seminars, and virtual coaching for individuals and their families. Advocating for EcoMIGHT’s products is consistent with his own personal goals. “It’s a very personal thing for me,” McCarthy said. “There aren’t many times when you can profess a product like this.”