Frequently Asked Questions

EcoMIGHT is systemic.  It is formulated to be absorbed by the weeds and translocated into the root system. This kills the entire weed, including the roots. Contact herbicides kill only the part of the weed that is sprayed and do not kill the roots.

According to Wikipedia, a weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, “a plant in the wrong place.” 

YES! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are so confident in our products that if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.  We will return or replace any products you are not satisfied with within 60 days of purchase.

“Because the EPA has determined that certain ‘Minimum Risk Pesticides’ pose little to no risk to human health or the environment, the EPA has exempted them from the requirement that they be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. This exemption provision is located in 40 CFR 152.25(f).”

We recommend waiting 30 days to replant. However, if you aerate and/or add topsoil, it’s ok to replant in 7-10 days after application. 

All of EcoMIGHT products do not have a re-entry period.  Meaning, it is safe to be around areas after application.  When a product has a designated re-entry period, it is because there was an application of potentially toxic chemicals and you must wait for it to dry or for a specified time period to re-enter the property in order to be out of harm’s way. EcoMIGHT products are formulated with 100% naturally organic ingredients so they are safe to be around (when used as directed).

EcoMIGHT is non-selective. This means it does not discriminate and will kill whatever it touches. If you have weeds in your lawn and do not want to harm the grass, this is not the product for you. In that example, it will kill the weeds and the grass.  An herbicide that is designed to kill only specific types of plants and grass is called a selective herbicide. 

EcoMIGHT products were designed for the industry professional but can absolutely be used by a homeowner.  It’s important to note that the products are sold as a concentrate.  Not all homeowners will have the experience mixing correctly and they should have the proper equipment for application. The recommended equipment is a pump or backpack sprayer for EcoMIGHT. A  blower, backpack sprayer, or misters should be used when applying the EcoMIGHT Pro. Products should be shaken well prior to use. Although the products are classified as minimum risk exempt and are naturally organic, good safety practices should always be used.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Nearly all of the ingredients are found in nature, ingesting them would be harmful.

EcoMIGHT is systemic and kills the roots. 

Post-emergent. The weeds must be actively growing. 

EcoMIGHT products are sold as a concentrate.  This means they must be mixed with water.

3 sizes: 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons and 55-gallon drums.

If you are interested in bulk purchasing by the pallet, click here:

The minimum order quantity is a case.  These are sold in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon sizes.

1 case= 4  1 gallon bottles (4 total gallons)  Or   2   2.5 gallon bottles (5 total gallons)

Our customers are predominately professional landscapers, groundskeepers, vegetation management, parks and golf course superintendents.  The industry professionals have the proper equipment and experience with liquid concentrates. This enables them to determine how much concentrate or how “heavy” they need to mix for maximum effectiveness, which will vary depending on a variety of parameters.

As low as $2.21/gallon. This price is excluding discounts or wholesale pricing reductions.

EcoMIGHT products are sold as a liquid concentrate that is mixed with water.   The effective cost is simply the cost per gallon after the concentrate is mixed.

Example: At 6oz per gallon, 1 gallon of concentrate would make approximately 21 gallons of ready to spray.

Mix Rate: 6oz-8oz of concentrate per 1 Gallon of water.  Depending on the extent of weeds, thickness, size and other contributing factors, the mix rate can be increased or decreased accordingly. Shake well. Spray directly on unwanted vegetation.

Apply when weeds and grasses are dry. Do not apply if weeds or grasses are wet (from rain, irrigation or dew). Do not irrigate within 2 hours after applying EcoMIGHT. Do not apply if rainfall is expected within 2 hours of application.

A pump or backpack sprayer should be used for proper application.

The mix ratio is 6oz-8oz of concentrate per gallon of water.  Depending on the extent of the weeds, climate, humidity, soil, size and thickness of vegetation, amount of direct sunlight and other contributing factors, the mix rate can be increased or decreased accordingly.  As a basic rule of thumb: for larger weeds, increase the concentration amount. For smaller thin broadleaf weeds, we recommend a minimum of 6oz of concentrate per gallon of water.  If the weed is invasive or very difficult to control, it may require 50% concentrate or even full concentrate. Mix rate can be decreased in hot and dry weather conditions with direct sunlight.  Results will be faster in warmer weather conditions. 


For most weeds, we have found that 6-8oz of concentrate per gal of water is the perfect amount.  However, if the weed presence is extreme with excessively thick roots, the concentration amount should be increased.    The reason for the variance is there are too many variables and unknowns. As a rule of thumb,  we always recommend using more concentrate when you first start using the products. It’s always better to go a little bit heavier (more concentrate) at first, to insure achieving the desired results. After you feel comfortable with the product and your specific needs, you may find that 6oz per gal works perfectly for everything. This will not be known until you test some areas with a variety of different conditions.  

Translocation can have many meanings.  EcoMight is systemic and “translocates” throughout and kills to the root.  In this instance, we are referring to the process of moving from the site of uptake to the site of action where it kills the weed.

Weeds are amazingly adaptable and grow quickly, which is why we see them everywhere. They can grow from a seed or even a tiny piece of a former weed, and they create new defense mechanisms such as waxy coatings or produce toxic chemicals. They are hard to get rid of because the soil is filled with their seeds, and they grow back in no time.  

There are four main ways that weeds are spread. Wind, water, animals & people, and  by machines.  

“Invasive plants and weeds are spread by seed, vegetative growth (producing new plants from rhizomes, shoots, tubers, etc.), or both.  Seeds, roots, and other plant fragments are often dispersed by wind, water, and wildlife.  Animals spread invasive plants by consuming fruits and depositing seeds, as well as transporting seeds of their feet and fur.  People also spread invasive plants and weeds by carrying seeds and other plant parts on shoes, clothing, and equipment and by using contaminated fill dirt and mulch.”

“Automobiles, bikes and lawn equipment are some of the machines that spread seeds on their wheels and blades.  Construction machines can also spread weeds.  Any machine moving from one yard to another contributes to the increase of weeds.”

For EcoMIGHT, some of the conditions that affect how much concentrate to use are the temperature, humidity, moisture, time of year, sunlight, health and type of soil, precipitation, the type of weed/plant, its size and thickness, and the physiological condition of the weeds.  Your specific needs and desired results will also impact how much concentrate to use.  Ideal spraying conditions are 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit, dry and sunny.  Avoid spraying in cold temperatures. The vegetation must be actively growing to translocate into the roots. 

Cold air temperatures will decrease efficacy because EcoMIGHT is systemic and translocates into the roots.  The weeds must be actively growing to translocate into the roots. In very general terms, less concentration is needed for smaller weeds.  The bigger the vegetation, the higher the mix rate.  If there is high humidity and/or colder temperatures, more mix rate will be needed.  Results will vary due to factors including air temperature, soil temperature, soil composition, mix rate, size of vegetation, type of vegetation, climate, and other variables and contributing factors that may or may not be controllable. 


EcoMIGHT products  are exempt from registration, classified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as “minimum risk”,  FIFRA25(b) Exempt.  The EPA has determined that certain “minimum risk pesticides” pose little to no risk to human health or the environment, EPA has exempted them from the requirement that they be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. This exemption provision is located in 40 CFR 152.25(f)

The only exempt products, as per the EPA, are those that follow the strict guidelines of FIFRA25(b).  A product can be organic and still be toxic (example: arsenic).  Having the minimum risk classification provides assurance that the ingredients used are all minimum risk and when used as directed are safe for kids, pets, pollinators and aquatic life.

EcoMIGHT products have a shelf life of 10 years if stored in a well-ventilated area at room temperature (above 40 degrees)  and sealed property.

If there is product that has been mixed and is left in a sprayer or blower, the shelf life (half-life) is 24-36 months (provided it is stored and sealed properly).

Unfortunately, this is not a “one size fits all” answer.  If the weeds that are sprayed are very small, dry and the weather is hot, you can start to see EcoMIGHT working the same day.  However, with many weeds, grasses and plants, EcoMIGHT may take significantly longer to see results. EcoMIGHT is a systemic herbicide and it takes time to absorb into the roots. Contact herbicides will work faster but the trade-off is the results are short-lived vs. permanent.  Assuming the vegetation is sprayed with the proper concentration amount, most will see results in 4-7 days; and EcoMIGHT will continue working even after you think the weed is killed. Plants must be actively growing to intake the product. 

 Ideal spraying temperatures are 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  A plant must be actively growing for EcoMIGHT to work effectively.  If nighttime temperatures are cold, this will also have an impact and will slow down the process.  If the soil is cold, it will take longer for EcoMIGHT to absorb into the roots.  Shaded areas will also slow down the process. Increasing the amount of product may speed up the process. Rainfall, dew, high humidity all impact the efficacy.  Adjust concentration (mix rate)  as needed depending on where you live, type of vegetation, and other contributing factors that will impact the effectiveness.

Yes.  For large volume and bulk pricing discounts, please email us at: or 786.667.4100.

At EcoMIGHT, we believe you should not have to choose a product that is safe OR effective.  Our products are designed to work as good or better than the synthetics most are used to.  Unfortunately, most organic pesticides and herbicides don’t work nearly as effectively as they should.   If you are choosing a product that will not harm people, pets or the environment, why should you be penalized?  Our goal is to make products that are as good or better than anything on the market.  

The term “organic” is very misleading, and very good marketing. Herbicide and pesticide manufacturers know that people want companies to minimize pollution and health risk exposure, so they play up the term “organic.”  The reality is that even though they may contain organic ingredients, that does not mean they are safe.  In fact, many organic herbicides clearly state they harm pollinators and aquatic life.  The key factor to look for is the classification by the EPA as “Minimum Risk Exempt FIFRA25(b).”

We provide turf signs  promoting the fact that you have chosen to be a good steward of the environment.  Traditional signs warn people,  “CAUTION:  STAY OFF Until Dry.”

Not EcoMIGHT!                              

EcoMIGHT encourages its customers  to promote the fact that they are good stewards of the environment.  Whether a product is banned or not, when you choose to remove toxic chemicals from your application regimen, why not promote it? 

We are proud to state the following on our turf signs ““Thanks To {name of your company}, This Area Has Been Maintained WITHOUT The Use Of Toxic Chemicals.”


Everyone passing by will know that you took a revolutionary step to help protect the environment and the people, animals, and the plants that live on this beautiful planet.             

YES! We offer free customized turf signs with an order of 10 cases or more.

Turf signs are a great way to promote your business, promote that you care about your customers, residents, guests, animals, and of course, the applicators.  These signs demonstrate to the public that you are “doing the right thing for the environment”. Please contact EcoMIGHT at: or 786.667.4100 to discuss your free custom turf signs.

We offer free shipping for half and full pallet orders. 

1 Gal Half Pallet = 14 cases

1 Gal Full Pallet = 28 cases

2.5 Gal Half Pallet = 18 cases

2.5 Gal Full Pallet = 36 cases

W.O.W. or “Whack Out Weeds!” was the original name of our herbicide.  We formally changed the name to “EcoMight-Pro” in 2021 and improved the formula. Same product, new name, better efficacy. 

PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic) has certified EcoMight-Pro for use as weed control in organic crop productions. 

CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) has reviewed and approved EcoMight-Pro for other certified operations.  This can be verified by looking up “MyCCOF”  or the approved list:  “CCOF Materials Database” 

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