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From Customer to Advocate: Famous Health Coach Educates Others About EcoMIGHT

Sean McCarthy and his wife run holistic healing camps on a property that spans 300 acres in Virginia. McCarthy has been part of the sustainable, chemical-free movement for 20 years. Besides fuel and oil for machinery, McCarthy allows no harmful chemicals on his healing farm.

“The main problem I face in controlling weeds on my healing farm is that the non-toxic products available today just don’t work so well,” McCarthy said. “Up until recently, I had to essentially weed whack or cut down any unwanted weeds. When I heard about EcoMIGHT from a mutual friend in the golf industry, I was excited that there was a product that actually worked. That’s huge for me.”

Effective on Everything

Once McCarthy purchased EcoMIGHT, a nonselective, non-toxic herbicide, he began tackling his unwanted plants throughout his healing farm.

“I tried it on everything,” said McCarthy. “Once you figure out the right ratio of product for the type of weeds you’re trying to kill, it works on everything. I’ve used it on unwanted grass, weeds, thorn bushes, brush, and young poplar and pine trees.”

McCarthy had poison oak and poison ivy on his property. He explained the poison ivy was climbing up trees near his chicken pen and causing issues for his children. Although he needed to kill this invasive weed, McCarthy refused to spray glyphosate-based products, especially so close to his animals, children, and food supply.

“I sprayed EcoMIGHT on the poison ivy in July,” McCarthy said. “It killed it completely, and thankfully, it hasn’t come back.

I also love using the product around the edges of my salt-water swimming pool because I don’t need to worry about anything getting into the water. It’s perfect. In addition, one small application treated the weeds in the cracks of my six tennis courts. They are completely gone and didn’t come back all summer. The efficacy is wonderful.”

Becoming More Than a Customer

After McCarthy discovered EcoMIGHT and how well it worked, he took it upon himself to be more than just a customer.


“I really wanted to start bringing greater awareness to government officials, public utilities, and other organizations about this effective and safe alternative to glyphosate-based herbicides,” McCarthy said. “It sort of started because I was watching our local power company spraying chemicals around the power lines surrounding my holistic farm. We’re working so hard to protect people from toxic chemicals, and here’s a company that spraying miles and miles of road with weed killers.

“I called the power company to tell them about EcoMIGHT,” McCarthy added. “I needed to be an advocate for this product. I told the town of Juno Beach, Florida, where I spent four months out of the year about the product. I also tapped into many of my existing relationships overseas and spoke to government and railway officials in Europe. I want them to know that there is an alternative.”

Advocacy is Logical Extension of McCarthy’s Life Mission


Spreading the word about EcoMIGHT is really a natural extension of McCarthy’s life’s mission. When McCarthy’s wife, Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, a former top 10 tennis player in the world, had a career-ending back injury, McCarthy embarked on his journey of exploring all aspects of life that keeps people from reaching their potential.

McCarthy’s organization, TEDS Foundation, now offers holistic healing camps, health and wellness retreats, seminars and virtual coaching for individuals and their families. Advocating for a product like EcoMIGHT is consistent with his own personal goals.

“It’s a very personal thing for me,” McCarthy said. “There aren’t many times when you can profess a product like this.

“I think it’s so important that major people from food companies, government agencies, utility companies, schools, and other businesses are made aware of the problem,” McCarthy continued. “For example, if you have a school that is spraying glyphosate-based herbicides around their property, those kids are being exposed on the playground in addition to being affected by their water and food.”

McCarthy says that before business owners, city officials, and others make a purchasing decision, he wants them to understand how their decision will be affecting the environment, the soil and water, and human health.

Lack of Awareness of Problem

As McCarthy started advocating for EcoMIGHT, he discovered that there is a significant lack of awareness of the environmental and health-related problems associated with glyphosate-based products.

“I was surprised at how many people told me what they were using was safe,” McCarthy said “There’s just an amazing lack of awareness of how chemicals like glyphosate are appearing in our water, air, and food.


“What they did listen to, however, was the possibility of a lawsuit,” McCarthy added. “I started telling these organizations that they were spraying these toxic chemicals around me and, as a result, those chemicals are leaching into the streams on my property. Once they heard that there was a legal precedent for being sued for using glyphosate-based products that affect the surrounding community, some people started to listen.”

McCarthy also appreciates the fact that many government officials and other organizations want to get away from toxic chemicals, but they don’t feel like they have an effective alternative.

“When I talked with my contacts in Europe, I found out that some countries are banning glyphosate-based products before they have a solution,” McCarthy said. “However, other countries are waiting to institute a ban until they find an alternative solution. EcoMIGHT is that solution.”

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