City of Coral Gables and EcoMight

Coral Gables finds EcoMight

The City of Coral Gables is on a continuous mission to achieve ongoing sustainability Most businesses, organizations, and municipalities have done the basics: recycling programs,

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Killing the Unkillable

EcoMight’s Organic Weedkiller Successfully Takes Out Invasive Stinkwort Weed Gachina Landscape Management, which manages some of the most prestigious Silicon Valley corporate campuses, had a

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No More Skull and Crossbones

LandCare strives to transition all products to “caution” label Duane Faloni, market vice president of LandCare, always reads the labels. “I would sometimes grab products

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Finding a Missing Puzzle Piece

EcoMIGHT’S Naturally Organic Weedkiller Fills a Void for Alternative Earthcare’s Comprehensive Organic System Alternative Earthcare has spent the last 15 years crafting an effective, comprehensive

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Allied Landscape

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

 Allied Landscape Revamps Business to Build a Greener Future for Customers and Community Everyone knows that “sustainability” and “going green” are must-haves, at least when

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organics dont work

Organics Don’t Work…

“Organics Don’t Work” As much as turfgrass expert Tom Phillips wants to be environmentally friendly, he echos the thoughts of many landscapers, groundskeepers and others

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