Real People. Real Results.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

  • David Hardy.
  • Horticulture Manager.
  • 500,000 visitors/year.
  • Cultural landmark attraction, Miami FL.

"It’s by far the best product I’ve seen in the last five to ten years. We’ve been using it at Vizcaya."

David Shoaf

  • Joe Blair Garden Supply.
  • Established 1928.
  • Supplier to Industry Professionals.

"As a family owned business for nearly 100 years, reputation is everything. We will never sell anything we don’t stand behind. After extensive testing, we are now recommending it to our customers. EcoMIGHT is a cost-effective solution that brings my customers just as much value as glyphosate. It’s a no-brainer!"

US Lawns

  • Steve Mendez
  • Owner, US Lawns
  • St Simons Island, GA.

“One of my clients had a very difficult weed to remove called nutsedge. In fact, you needed a special herbicide to kill it. I used EcoMIGHT on this weed, and it completely wiped it out. The other amazing thing is that it hasn’t come back in more than two months.”

City of Glendale, CA

  • Dennis Gaudenti
  • Park Supervisor
  • Community Services & Parks Dept
  • Glendale, CA

“We decided to test it and got very good results. We’ve been using it on nutsedge and Bermuda grass, which are often very difficult weeds to manage. Although some of the tougher weeds come back, they do so very slowly, and it’s easy to hit them again. We’re very impressed with it so far.”

Bradley Jacklin

  • Turf grass Expert
  • Former Golf Course Superintendent.
  • 30 Years Industry Professional.

"It absolutely smoked
everything I sprayed it on!"

Tom Phillips

  • Owner Wicked Green Lawn Care
  • Degree in Turf Grass Management.
  • U Mass-Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  • 10+ Years Turf Grass Manager.
  • 10+ Years Golf Course Superintendent.
  • 37 Years In The Industry.

"The results are amazing. I can’t say enough about the product. Very surprised. Was expecting poor results and got excellent results."

Mike Harris

  • The Villages Polo Club
  • Industry Leader

"At first, it looked like it wasn’t working, but a few days later, everything was dead...I had some areas that stayed clear for 90 days. I’m spraying every three months instead of every three weeks”

Town of Plymouth, MA

  • Robert Birkenhead
  • Department of Public Works.

"We found that it takes a little longer for things to die off....but once weeds are dead, the areas stay clear for longer periods of time."

DeSantis Landscapes

  • Dean DeSantis
  • Owner DeSantis Landscapes
  • Salem, Oregon.
  • Established 1974

"We were super excited to find EcoMIGHT. We’ve never seen this level of efficacy in an organic product.”

Sean McCarthy

  • Founder Of The TEDS Foundation.
  • Peak Performance Expert, Holistic Health Coach.
  • Nature Enthusiast & Farmer.
  • Health Coach.
  • Peak Performance Expert.

"It completely obliterated...
all the way up the tree!"

Maxo Lurius

  • Owner.
  • Prestige Lawn Service.
  • 25 Years In The Industry.

"No more chemicals....
it works better!"


Gerald Tisdol

  • Weed-A-Way.
  • 45 Years In The Industry.

"I found a replacement!
and it was FANTASTIC"


Maggie Knowles

  • Co-founder Portland Protectors and Beekeeper.
  • Harvard University Sustainability Leadership Program.

"EcoMIGHT has taken ingredients found in nature and created a weedkiller that is as effective as the most highly toxic ones on the market. Everyone is blown away how effective it is. I'm very grateful they exist."

John Dunlap

  • CEO, Iconic Attractions Group.
  • Former Director, San Diego Zoo.

"I was excited to learn about EcoMIGHT and have found the products not only incredibly powerful but also eco friendly."

Joey Harrison

  • DeSantis Landscapes.
  • Salem, Oregon
  • Established 1974

“Many of our 'old-school' applicators were skeptical...they just didn’t think it would work. However, we were all blown away with how well EcoMIGHT performed. In fact, when the temperatures were high, EcoMIGHT performed better than glyphosate"

Indian Pond Country Club

  • Tom Stone
  • Golf Course Superintendent.
  • Indian Pond Country Club.
  • Kingston, MA

"I’m always keeping my eyes open for safer solutions that work better. We try to be environmentally sensitive at Indian Pond and with the recent uproar, you really don’t know how long you’ll have that product in the future….I’ve found W.O.W. to be just as effective. It means pure death to the weeds; it kills to the roots."

Organic Solutions

  • Howard Steinberg.
  • Stuart FL.

"As a sustainable landscape company in the heart of Florida's water quality crisis, we have always gone outside the box to find the most effective yet eco friendly products for our customers. We had been searching for years to find an effective alternative to glyphosate for our maintenance division. After much disappointment in only discovering vinegar and citric acid based alternatives that ultimately cripple soil fertility, we discovered EcoMIGHT. For the last 4 months, EcoMIGHT is the ONLY post emergent herbicide we used. The results have been quick and effective. Our customers are thrilled to have such a safe product produce incredible results."

David Hardy

  • Horticulture Manager.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.
  • 500,000 Visitors/Year.
  • Cultural landmark attraction, Miami FL.

"We’ve noticed that W.O.W. kills weeds to the roots; they don’t reappear for a couple of months. The initial burn down is a little slower than Roundup, but the results last longer than for sure. It’s more effective...We host half a million people a year here, and EcoMIGHT is safer for them and for our native areas. That’s a priority for us."

Shannon Easter

  • Director of Golf Maintenance and Sustainability.
  • Broken Sound Club. Boca Raton, FL
  • Environmental and Sustainability Consultant.
  • 3 Time National Award Recipient: GCSAA
  • Golf Digest Environmental Leaders In Golf Award.



The Villages Polo Club

  • Paige Boone
  • Director of Polo

"Implementing EcoMIGHT was a very natural next step for our organization. It’s worked wonders for us. We love it.”

Andersons Complete LawnCare

  • Larry Anderson
  • President, Andersons Complete LawnCare.
  • Miami, FL
  • 19 years in the industry

"No more harmful chemicals. Now we use EcoMIGHT!"

Smith College Botanic Garden

"Smith College Botanic Garden's landscape curator John Berryhill is no longer using Roundup on campus weeds. Ecomight's Whack Out Weeds (W.O.W.) contains peppermint oil, salt, and potassium sorbate. It is naturally organic and readily biodegradable. There's no runoff into groundwater, it doesn't harm aquatic life, and there's no toxic residue—it's safe for bare feet, paws, and pollinators!"