W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!)

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Non-Selective Weed & Grass Killer LIQUID CONCENTRATE.

Naturally Organic.  No Glyphosate.   Non-Toxic.  Kills To The Roots.

$2.21/gallon = Effective Cost. Products are sold as a concentrate that is mixed with water. 1 gallon of concentrate makes approximately 21 gallons of ready to spray. Effective cost is as low as $2.21/Gallon
  • 4 Pack of 1 Gallon
  • 2 pack of 2.5 Gallons
  • 55 Gallon Drum

 Sold in case lots only.
1 Gallon = 4 in a case.
2.5 Gallons = 2 in a case.


EcoMIGHT’S W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!) Non-Selective Weed and Grass Killer CONCENTRATE.  Sticker and adjuvant are not needed. Non-Selective. Post emergent. Systemic (kills to the root). EFFECTIVE–W.O.W. is the herbicide of choice for industry professionals.  Now used by municipalities, school districts, top golf courses, property managers, cemeteries, public parks, colleges and universities, sports fields, public works departments, equine facilities, theme parks, resorts, railways, HOA’s, vegetation management professionals.  
With a simple, direct application, it kills unwanted weeds and grasses to the root! Using products that are being banned around the world, like glyphosate and other harsh chemical weed-killers,  destroy the millions of vital soil microbes leaving you chasing an endless array of lawn troubles. 
W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!) is naturally organic and readily biodegradable so there is no runoff into groundwater and does not harm aquatic life. There is no toxic residue so it is safe for bare feet, paws and pollinators.  Thats what makes W.O.W. the professionals choice.


Application Instructions:

Mix Rate: 6oz-8oz of concentrate per 1 Gallon of water.  Depending on extent of weeds, thickness, size, weather conditions, humidity, soil, and other contributing factors, mix rate can be increased or decreased accordingly.  Shake Well prior to application. 

Spray directly on unwanted weeds and grasses.  Kills to the root.

 • Do not apply if weeds or grasses are wet (from rain,  irrigation or dew) • Do not irrigate within 2 hours after applying W.O.W. • Apply when weeds and grasses are dry  Do not apply if rainfall is expected within 2 hours of application



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4 Pack of 1 Gallon, 2 pack of 2.5 Gallons, 55 Gallon Drum