Take the bite out of summer’s annoying mosquito invasion with EcoMIGHT’s “INTERRUPTER”.  EcoMIGHT products are naturally organic and carry a “Minimum Risk”  status.  The EPA has determined that certain minimum risk pesticides pose little to no risk to human health or the environment.  In addition, the INTERRUPTER has no re-entry period. This means it’s safe for immediate human and pet re-entry into sprayed areas. Perhaps most importantly, is effectiveness.  INTERRUPTER has a confirmed 80% + kill rate for mosquitoes and 90%+ kill rate for ticks within 24 hours after application. It’s designed to kill on contact, deter, repel future visits and disrupt the insects’ ability to reproduce (pheromone interrupter).  

Scientific American reported Florida mosquitoes have been found carrying the Zika virus which causes birth defects. Last year Puerto Rico reported 65 Zika cases in the first half of 2018. [1] The West Nile virus is also carried by Florida mosquitoes and so far in 2019, one death has been reported. [2] Florida’s summer mosquito invasions have become unsafe for both humans and family pets.


What is unique about “INTERRUPTER”?

Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite, and they are the pests INTERRUPTER targets because they are such super-fast breeders. In the first day after emerging from the pupal stage, a female lays up to 500 eggs in her first brood. After mating just once, she will continue hatching new mosquitoes at a rate of up to 1000 eggs in one week, before dying. As each one of those new eggs continues their own procreation process, mosquitoes will literally take over an area in a matter of days.

Forget the bite, use EcoMIGHT

INTERRUPTER kills on contact, but as the name implies, EcoMight “INTERRUPTER” also creates a virtual wall between pheromone-seeking male mosquitoes and their female egg-laying targets. INTERRUPTER breaks up the breeding cycles and prevents colonization in the areas where you reside and are active. Importantly, our naturally organic product does not interfere with butterflies, honeybees, and other beneficial pollinators that reside in your ecosystem.

End the use of chemical pesticides now

Medical researchers have found a correlation between chemical pesticides with autism and other developmental delays in children. [3]  Studies have shown Pyrethroid pesticides (including permethrin) are associated with a 37% increase in autism in children who are born in areas sprayed with chemical pesticides compared to areas where no harmful chemical pesticides were used. [4

INTERRUPTER’s value-added

EcoMight’s naturally organic and minimum risk pest control is leading the transition away from harmful chemicals that have for so long posed health risks to humans.  In Florida, afternoon rains can surprise gardeners, homeowners, and grounds supervisors without warning. Those rains are not a problem for users of EcoMight’s INTERRUPTER. It is designed to be sprayed on lawns, parks & recreation areas, campground sites, playgrounds, sports’ fields, golf courses, universities, farms, gardens and more in nearly all weather conditions. It is:

  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • Effective in almost all weather conditions
  • Insects cannot become immune
  • Made from ingredients already found in nature
  • EcoMight’S INTERRUPTER  controls Mosquitoes AND Ticks, Fleas, ants, Roaches, No-see-ums, Chiggers, Spiders, Mites, Whiteflies and Aphids.
EcoMIGHT’S INTERRUPTER  controls Mosquitoes AND Ticks, Fleas, ants, Roaches, No-see-ums, Chiggers, Spiders, Mites, Whiteflies and Aphids.

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