Naturally Organic Pest Control


Naturally Organic Pest Control That Kills As EFFECTIVELY as a Toxin. Emulsifiers make this a naturally organic KILL product, meaning it kills after direct contact

90%+ Tick Kill Rate*
80%+ Mosquito Kill Rate*


The Best Naturally Organic Mosquito and Pest Control on the Market Today: The INTERRUPTER

Looking for a solution to mosquito and bug problems? The INTERRUPTER from EcoMIGHT has been referred to as “A Miracle” a “Game Changer” and “Too Good To Be True.”  The INTERRUPTER provides the best naturally organic mosquito control, killing pests and larvae on contact.  In addition to The INTERRUPTER killing on contact, it also deters and repels.  Perhaps most importantly, it acts as a pheromone interrupter.  This prevents mating and blocks the insects’ reproductive cycles.  At the same time, it is safe to use around people, pets, and aquatic life when used as directed.

Best All Around Pest Control Product 

The INTERRUPTER provides naturally organic pest control and is perfect to use in both public and private areas. It’s a solution if you’re a city employee seeking a naturally organic alternative for a public park. It’s an answer for a golf superintendent looking for better, safer pest control around the course and the clubhouse. It’s the key to keeping your outdoor areas safe and pest-free for your residents, guests, and employees.

Organic Mosquito Control Products

If you’re seeking organic mosquito control products, the first thing you want to know is whether they work. The INTERRUPTER effectively kills mosquitoes, ticks, ants, cockroaches, fleas and no-see-ums (midges). This naturally organic mosquito concentrate  destroys both adult pests and larvae. It kills on contact, interrupts the egg cycle, and disrupts pheromones. In fact, it is so effective, re-application can be done every 28 to 30 days.

EcoMIGHT performed efficacy testing according to World Health Organization standards to check the effectiveness of its product. The tests found The INTERRUPTER is more than 90 percent effective at killing ticks. It was also more than 80 percent effective at killing mosquitoes. This organic mosquito control spray gets the job done.

In addition, pests can not become immune to The INTERRUPTER. With conventional pesticides, insects often develop immunity, requiring more pesticide products in the future for the same level of control. That can mean additional investment as well as greater exposure to dangerous toxins.

Many conventional pesticides on the market today contain toxic ingredients. More studies are revealing health implications as well as environmental considerations when using pesticides. It’s easy to see why more and more people are seeking safer alternatives.

If you are searching for “pest control products near me,” you may want to seriously consider The INTERRUPTER.  Neurotoxin-free, this naturally organic pesticide uses a proprietary blend of natural oils and soaps. These destroy pests, their larvae, and their eggs on contact. It also repels and deters future visits from these unwanted insects. 

When used as directed, the INTERRUPTER poses no threat to humans, animals, bees, or aquatic life. Every ingredient in this naturally organic pesticide appears on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent minimum risk exempt list. The completely biodegradable product contains no toxic chemicals.

Since The INTERRUPTER has no re-entry period, people and pets can immediately enter the treated areas with no worries. The INTERRUPTER is truly the best pest control product to safely and organically destroy mosquito and bug infestations on your property.  

Although other organic pesticides are available on the market today,  The INTERRUPTER’s effectiveness has been shocking industry professionals.  The fact that it is naturally organic is the “icing on the cake.”  The minimum risk exempt classification has been called  the “cherry on top.”

Just because a product is labeled “natural” or “organic” does not mean it is non-toxic. Some natural or organic ingredients may still be harmful. A good example is arsenic.  It can be organic but that does not negate the fact that it can be toxic. In fact, many “organic” pesticides on the market are harmful to aquatic life and pollinators.

Pesticides that are labeled “minimum risk exempt,” contain only natural, non-toxic ingredients. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency strictly regulates minimum exempt products. All active and inert ingredients in these products appear on a list of about 50 natural, non-toxic items.  

The INTERRUPTER by EcoMIGHT has a potential shelf life of 10 years. It must be sealed, stored in a well-ventilated area, and kept above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the pesticide has been mixed, the shelf life decreases to between two and three years. It must still be sealed and stored properly. 

EcoMIGHT products arrive as a liquid concentrate, which you mix with water when you’re ready to use it. At six ounces per gallon, a single gallon of The INTERRUPTER concentrate makes about 21 gallons of pesticide. The effective cost of The INTERRUPTER is as low as $3.05 per gallon, excluding discounts. The effective cost is simply the cost per gallon after the concentrate is mixed.  One gallon of mixed concentrate treats between 3,000 square feet and 7,000 square feet of space.

The INTERRUPTER does not harm frogs or lizards. However, you may notice there are fewer reptiles on your property.  The reason is simple. The INTERRUPTER eliminates flies and other insects that reptiles love to eat. They slowly leave your property and migrate to a neighborhood where there is ample food supply.

Before mixing The INTERRUPTER with water, shake well.  Add between six ounces and eight ounces of The INTERRUPTER concentrate per gallon of water. If you have a heavy infestation, you may need up to 16 ounces of concentrate. Shake well, mix with water and pour into a backpack blower or fogger. Spray the entire property including trees, grass, shrubs, turf, porches, decks, birdbaths, and outdoor furniture. Don’t forget to spray dark areas such as vents into the home and under decks and porches. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  This should be sprayed so the eggs and larvae are destroyed before they hatch.  

Mosquitoes breed in standing water so remove as much as possible before treating the area. For best results, spray at dusk or dawn. The INTERRUPTER works well in almost all weather conditions (above 45 degrees). Weather does not affect the efficacy.  

Although heavy infestation may require more frequent applications, on average, an application can be performed every 28 to 30 days.  If there is an infestation, the recommended program is 10 ounces to 16 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water. The application should be made in 10-day intervals.   Typically, after the 3rd application, you can start “maintenance” applications. This means the infestation is gone and the concentration amount can be reduced to 6oz-8oz per gallon of water.  Application frequency, after an infestation is controlled, can then be reduced to once every 28-30 days.

When people head outdoors for summer fun and entertainment, the last thing they want to cope with is pesky mosquitoes, ticks, and other insect pests. The INTERRUPTER provides the best organic mosquito control and has had incredible results in a variety of outdoor spaces.  These include public areas, golf courses, schools, city parks, campgrounds, amusement parks, zoos, sports fields, and outdoor entertainment areas.
This organic mosquito control spray protects participants from pests as well as dangerous pesticides. It can also reduce or eliminate the amount of bug spray used directly on the skin.

Organic Pest Control for Garden Plants

The INTERRUPTER also provides organic pest control for garden plants at home. Weeding, planting, and harvesting are so much more enjoyable when pests are under control. This naturally organic product is simply the best pest control product. If you have children or pets, you can rest assured that The INTERRUPTER has no re-entry period.  This means pets and children can safely enjoy the space immediately after an application. You can remove the signs that say “pesticide application, wait until dry.” And of course, there is no need for the signs that say “caution, pesticide application.” With The INTERRUPTER, you can stay ON the yard with no worries. You will want to enjoy the outdoors, even more, when the mosquitoes and bugs are gone!

When you need the best organic mosquito control, select a pesticide that is effective, affordable, and safe. The INTERRUPTER from EcoMIGHT effectively kills pests at a reasonable cost. When used as directed, this naturally organic pesticide leaves people,  pets, pollinators, animals and aquatic life safe. Most importantly, it keeps your outdoor living area free from pests and mosquitoes. There is a reason top facilities are now using The INTERRUPTER. In addition, many cities and towns, municipalities, hotels, resorts and top-rated golf courses are now relying on the INTERRUPTER.   The term “mosquito ghost town” has been used frequently when top professionals describe The INTERRUPTER. It simply works better than any mosquito and pest control product on the market.