W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!)



*when used as directed


*when used as directed


Best Natural Weed Killer 

W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!) is a non-selective and post emergent herbicide that is non-toxic. There is no re-entry period; this means it’s safe to go to the area that was sprayed immediately after application. When used as directed, W.O.W. can be used around people, kids, pets, and aquatic life. 

W.O.W. is systemic. This means it kills to the root. Unlike contact herbicides that kill only the part of the weeds, grass or plants that are contacted with chemicals, systemic herbicides are absorbed by the roots and translocated through the weeds.

Every ingredient in W.O.W. is natural and formulated with organic soaps and salts, keeping the soil healthy and leaving the groundwater uncontaminated with toxic chemicals.

EcoMIGHT Weed and Grass Killer (W.O.W.) is  non-selective, naturally organic herbicide that works wonders for killing weeds and unwanted vegetation systemically. This means it kills to the roots. Leaving your property clear of any unwanted and unsightly growths. Unlike conventional herbicides, W.O.W. is safe for both people and animals (when used as directed). 

Glyphosate Issues

Most popular professional herbicides contain glyphosate. A 2015 report commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO), said that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” As a result, thousands of lawsuits are making their way through the U.S. legal system against some of the more prolific glyphosate manufacturers. In fact, several countries have gone as far as to ban this herbicide completely, and many places in the U.S. are now following suit. Consequently, the majority of landscapers, golf superintendents, city officials, facilities managers, public works departments, power companies and groundskeepers are now looking for a natural weed and grass killer product to replace glyphosate. If you’re one of them, ‘you’ve found an alternative with EcoMIGHT. 

The media continues to reveal a growing list of dangers associated with glyphosate-based professional herbicides. So it’s hardly surprising consumers now favor natural weed killers that are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Professional Weed Killer 

When used as directed, W.O.W. doesn’t pose a threat to people, animals, bees, or aquatic life. Every ingredient in this natural herbicide appears on the Environmental Protection ‘Agency’s (E.P.A.) stringent minimum-risk exemption list.  

The EPA has determined that certain “minimum risk pesticides” pose little to no risk to human health or the environment. 

So, you can be confident this utterly biodegradable product is free of toxic chemicals.

Instead, this non-selective herbicide contains natural soaps and salts, which help keep your soil healthy and leaves groundwater uncontaminated. Boasting a no re-entry period, W.O.W. invites people and pets to enjoy the benefits of this natural weed killer immediately.

W.O.W. is a post-emergent herbicide. It destroys weeds, grass and plants  by going straight to the roots, obliterating the entire plant. Unlike contact herbicides that only kill the portions of grass they touch. 

This means, with W.O.W., your weeds won’t grow back in a matter of days.

Rest assured, several trials using W.O.W. show that it successfully kills a wide range of weeds and grasses.  You can use it effectively along fence lines, between pavement slabs, clearing turf, on mulch,  clearing  power lines,  clearing poison ivy off of trees, and around patios and pool areas. 

In short, it’s the best weed killer available.

Although private homeowners can use W.O.W., the product is robust, so it needs to be mixed carefully and sprayed using proper equipment.  
Top Tip: We recommend using a pump or backpack sprayer for best results.

Besides being the best weed killer available, W.O.W. offers several other advantages.

This natural herbicide doesn’t stain pavements, gravel, brick, concrete, or stone. That means W.O.W. effectually destroys weeds without affecting the beauty of your hardscapes.

Although W.O.W.’s slightly more expensive than conventional products, several customers have found it more effective than traditional weedkillers. 

It requires fewer re-applications, even when compared to best-selling ‘traditional’ products on the market.  This means less product will be used and a reduction on labor costs and time. In addition, there is no need for a sticker or adjuvant. 

Landscapers make a living from beautifying residential and commercial properties, so it almost goes without saying that W.O.W. allows landscapers to accomplish this mission successfully.

All without burning a hole in your wallet or polluting the environment with toxic chemicals. We believe that selecting W.O.W. gives landscapers a competitive advantage. Period.  After all, more and more property owners are seeking safe yet effective glyphosate-based product alternatives. 

Golf superintendents care for acres worth of golf courses as well as their surrounding landscapes. 

In light of everything we’ve just said, W.O.W. can play a crucial role in golf course care.

This means superintendents can keep their greens looking attractive while ensuring their club members and families aren’t exposed to toxic herbicides.

Also, by using this naturally organic product, you can lead the way when it comes to adopting eco-friendly-practices — make this known to your local community, not only is this an ethical thing to do but it’s also a fabulous selling point! 

The bottom line is that W.O.W. works as well (or better) than the majority of products golf superintendents are accustomed to — and more often than not, exceeding ‘superintendents’ very high expectations. 

It’s no coincidence that many of the highest-rated golf courses and resorts in the country now use W.O.W — and for a good reason!  

Groundskeepers take care of vast green spaces for property owners, businesses, and other commercial establishments. By selecting a naturally organic herbicide like W.O.W., groundskeepers can control unwanted weeds and grasses effectively. At the same time, they can also keep property owners, their customers, and their surrounding community protected from dangerous, toxic herbicides.  

Over 55 communities around the world are now using W.O.W.  Additionally, several colleges, equestrian facilities, world-famous cultural landmarks, and famous theme parks rely on EcoMIGHT!

Going forward, we encourage you to select an herbicide that’s effective, affordable, and safe for our shared world.

W.O.W. from EcoMIGHT tackles unwanted weeds and grasses at a very reasonable cost. When used as directed, this naturally organic herbicide provides exceptional results without harming the environment and leaves people and animals safe while keeping soils healthy and water clean — what’s not to love about that?!

One of the top questions a prospective student asks today when selecting a college revolves around the care of the environment and sustainability initiatives. Not only are today’s young adults acutely aware of environmental issues, but they also want a safe campus on which to work and live.

As a result, many university campus officials are looking for an alternative to glyphosate to control unwanted plant growth around campus. W.O.W. is an excellent naturally organic herbicide that can do the job. Not only is it extremely effective, but it has a no-re-entry period. That means students and faculty can safely enter a sprayed area immediately.

Children trust parents, teachers, and other adults in their lives to keep them safe and healthy. They have no choice on where they attend school and spend the majority of their growing-up years; those decisions are made by their caretakers. Schools have the responsibility of not only educating children but ensuring their physical environment is a safe one.

With all the health concerns arising around the use of glyphosate-based herbicides, it’s important for schools to consider safer alternatives for weed-controlling products used around schools and playgrounds. When used as directed, W.O.W. is safe for children, animals, wildlife, the water supply, and the soil.

Utility companies are an important partner in our communities. Not only do they keep our gas, electric, and cable services coming into our homes uninterrupted, but they have the responsibility of keeping a great deal of public land cleared around power and utility lines. 

Besides trimming trees along lines, utility companies must manage weeds along these lines as well. More likely than not, utility companies are using the most widely known commercial herbicide containing glyphosate.

As environmental and health concerns continue to rise surrounding this chemical, smart utility companies will begin exploring safer alternatives. W.O.W. provides the needed weed control safely and effectively.

Railway companies around the world must control unwanted weed growth along thousands of miles of railroad tracks each year. Recently, Deutsche Bahn, the German state-owned railway company, banned the use of glyphosate along its 20,500 miles of tracks. 

As other railway companies look to Germany’s example, W.O.W. is an obvious solution. Its powerful combination of non-toxic, natural ingredients can help railway companies keep their tracks clear of weeds while not exposing the environment and the community to dangerous, more toxic weed controlling solutions.

Homeowners associations (HOAs) around the United States pride themselves on serving the residents that live in their neighborhoods. Often HOA efforts revolve around the safety and comfort of homeowners as well as helping to maintain or increase property values in the community. Beautiful community landscaping and aesthetics often play a large role in achieving those goals.

Glyphosate-based herbicides may put the goals of community safety and attractive landscaping at odds with each other. A better choice is to use W.O.W. This non-selective, effective herbicide takes care of weeds with no adverse effects to a neighborhood’s environment or residents.

W.O.W. by EcoMIGHT has a potential shelf life of up to ten years. However, it must be sealed, stored in a well-ventilated area, and kept above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the herbicide has been mixed, the shelf life decreases to between two to three years. 

EcoMIGHT’s products are sold as a liquid concentrate, which you mix with water when ‘you’re ready to use it.  At six ounces per gallon, a single gallon of W.O.W. concentrate would make about 21 gallons of herbicide, which equates to prices as low as $2.21 per gallon, excluding discounts!